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Coronavirus Update: UK Borrowing Surges

22/05/2020 Coronavirus Daily Update UK borrowing surges as coronavirus schemes rack up Government...

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Coronavirus Update: Property Market Collapsed in April but UK Economy Show Signs of Recovery

21/05/2020 Coronavirus Daily Update UK property sales plummets in April According to provisional...

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Will House Prices Fall In 2020?

Will house prices fall during 2020? The burning question on many buyers’ and sellers’ lips is...

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Coronavirus Update: UK inflation rate tumbles, mortgage crisis and uncertainty in reopening of schools

20/05/2020 Coronavirus Daily Update UK inflation tumbles to lowest rate since 2016 A drop in...

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Coronavirus Update: Jobless claims surge and large business loan scheme increased to £200m

19/05/2020 Coronavirus Daily Update Monthly increase in jobless claims surge to the highest rate...

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Coronavirus Update: Deaths plummet as mortgage deals get pulled

18/05/2020 COVID-19 Daily Update UK daily COVID-19 deaths plummet The UK has finally returned to...

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Coronavirus Update 15/05/2020

Coronavirus Update 15/05/2020 The Guardian reports that UK death toll is at 40,496 The Guardian...

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Coronavirus Update: House moves, and viewings resumed in England

13/05/2020 Update: House moves and viewings in England removed as non-essential travel under new...

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